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We are inspired by your kind words to carry on in our profession as hospice care providers. Ivory Hospice & Palliative Care has reserved this page for testimonials from clients.

Receiving your commendations is such an honor for us.

17 Responses to Client Testimonials

  1. “A couple of months ago My Mom was diagnosed with Terminal Ovarian Cancer and at first, we don’t know as a family how to deal with it knowing that her doctor told us that she has a couple of days or not if lucky a couple more months to live. We we’re so lost and so stressed with our situation and so our doctor opened up a suggestion for enrolling to hospice, at first, we really got more frustrated hearing the term, but he recommended one hospice which is IVORY HOSPICE Inc. and told us to just set an appointment with the hospice’s administrator and listen to them as they explained what hospice really is, After how the administrator, Ms. Alma, explained the whole concept of hospice, as a family we really understood the true nature of hospice and all misconceptions about it were totally erased. So, we decided to enroll our mom into their hospice. And I saw myself how the whole staff not only took care of my mom as her condition continues to decline but also, they help as a family how to cope up and prepare ourselves when the time to let her go comes. The staff and nurses were so nice, courteous, polite, and well-mannered professionals. There are some mishaps with the services to be honest but those are just minor things that i think the hospice will be able to improve soon. We are thankful that we have IVORY HOSPICE in our side because I know that my mom died with peace and dignity. I would Highly recommend this hospice to anyone because the services are high quality and very patient-family friendly.”

    – Vincent B.

  2. “I was impressed by the responsiveness and knowledge of everyone. Ivory Hospice & Palliative Care showed Respect for my family and me.”                                                                  -

    -Julie F.

  3. “Can’t perfect something that’s already perfect! Alma, Amy & the medical team – very much so worked as a team – the communication level was fantastic, answered any (all questions I had). The level of care given at all times never swayed. Everyone as knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.

    Professional, kind, compassionate, and surpasses any/all expectations of what you want in this level of care.

    They’re the best!!! Would highly recommend huge heartfelt thank you for all the utmost best care of our loved one.”

    – Laura M

  4. “I felt that we were given clear guidelines and the care, concern, and focus that Cedric provided was heart felt. Also, thank you Ivory Hospice & Palliative Care for taking such good care of Rosalba. If it not been for your suggestion to switch to Medicare as a primary provider, we would not get the great care you provided when my mom needed it the most.

    Alma you were there from beginning to end may God bless you.”

    – Rick B.

  5. “Ivory Hospice helped us care for both our father and mother when they were put in hospice. Ivory Hospice nurses and staff could not have been more caring, considerate, and gentle with our parents. They also helped us through the most difficult time of our lives. Alma, Genesis, and everyone at Ivory Hospice are incredible. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

    – Margaret T.

  6. “If you have a loved one that is very sick and needs quality care at home, then Ivory Hospice is the right company for you. I recently lost my mother after her long battle with Parkinson’s Disease. For years, I was her primary caregiver. As the disease progressed, I could not longer manage the myriad of medical decisions. At first, I tried a large well-known hospice company called Vitas. That was a mistake! Instead of easing my mind, I had staff who were late and medical equipment that never arrived. I left Vitas and decided to try Ivory Hospice. From the beginning, my mother was treated with dignity and given great care. Staff were available at all hours to answer any questions. Management of my mother’s medical needs were completed in coordination with our family’s wishes. When my mother finally passed, Ivory Hospice staff was there to comfort our family. Staff were even present at my mother’s viewing and burial service. Thank you, Alma, Priscilla, and Pastor Rusty. Ivory Hospice is truly a professional company.”

    – Agnes P.

  7. “What impressed me the most is the Ivory hospice and palliative care treated us like family. Thank you, alma, and all of your team.”

    – Marciano R.

  8. “What most impressed me was the wealth of knowledge and care they had with mom and getting the necessary assistance for the different care she needed and the rapidness of tests. Thank you very much for your support. Staff was very helpful in a time when mom/family needed this special kind of care and support. This care allowed mom to leave with dignity and care.

    From all my family thanks ivory.”

    – Macario C.

  9. “With a diagnosis of Delusional Dementia, my father was placed in a nursing facility in July of 2017. I tried to handle all his needs in CA. while living in OK. and indeed, this was very difficult to be sure all was well. As his condition deteriorated, I turned to Ivory Hospice who, although only with him for a very short time, I feel they were kind, gentle and deeply caring. I was kept informed as to his condition and as his hours grew short, his nurse called me so I could speak to him for the last time. She was there to comfort him and called me again right after he died to inform me. There were a couple of calls from their religious advisor to offer me comfort. I would recommend Ivory Hospice for anyone in the Los Angeles vicinity who need competent health care for their loved one.

    Thank you to Ivory nursing staff who aided me in knowing that my father spent his last days with a truly caring person by his side. That being said, I never had reason to feel that the nursing facility he lived at was anything but kind and caring to him as well and I appreciate the care they provided over the months he was there.”

     - Jo T.

  10. “Once my father was placed on hospice care with ivory hospice and palliative care, his medications such as oxygen, wipes, gloves, medications etc. was quickly delivered to our home. Having 24 hours access to a nurse was invaluable.”

    – Barbara Q.

  11. “Ivory Hospice looked after my mother during the last six months of her life, and they were excellent. They were very caring and thanks to them my mother passed comfortably and without pain or discomfort. I can recommend Ivory without reservation to efficiently and compassionately care for your loved ones in this most difficult period of your life. Thank you, Ivory.”

    – Jack T.

  12. “From the day my mom came under the care of Ivory Hospice & Palliative Care, Monterey Park, all of us were treated with respect and reassurance regarding our concerns and wishes. The communication between our family and the staff, the services and dignity provided to my mom, and the highest level of care I expect from a hospice service never failed us. When we needed it the most, Ivory was right by our side. From my personal experience, I recommend Ivory Hospice & Palliative Care to anyone looking for this type of service.”

    – Jennifer G.

  13. “I was impressed that Ivory Hospice & Palliative Care service was fast from medications, equipment, and support like the priest. I’m pleased with the care provided.

    Thank you very much it was a pleasure to have your services. We were delighted, thank you for your help when we most need it. God bless you all.”

    – Imelda I.

  14. “From day one, we received above and beyond the best care for our loved one. Alma and her team are not only knowledgeable, compassionate, but also communicated every process/step. Highly recommend alma & her staff. The care they provide is very professional yet knowledgeable and compassionate.

    Truly a gem!!! Thank you,

    Don & Family”

  15. “Very quick in responding with necessary items that we needed and did not know how to use, everybody was helpful. The quick attention and always making sure that my grandmother/mother was well attended.

    Thank you for your services during the 2 weeks that my mother was in need of your help. Everything you provided was what we needed in order to make her comfortable. We sincerely do appreciate everything you did for our family, and we will never forget.”

    – Perez P.

  16. “They are a small but mighty hospice. Don’t hesitate to call them when choosing a hospice.

    Ivory Hospice first took care of my father when he was put in hospice. Their care was so wonderful at such an emotionally hard time. The nurses who came were very compassionate and caring. Sadly, several years after losing my dad, my mother also needed hospice care. Our family didn’t hesitate to ask Ivory Hospice to care for her. Once again, they were there in our time of need taking care of my mom with gentle care. When a family member is in hospice, it is a very emotional and difficult time for their loved ones. You feel so helpless knowing you are watching the end of a life. Ivory Hospice helps not only the patient but the family members. They listen, communicate, and educate on what you’ll face and help you navigate a very emotional time with compassion and kindness.

    They are a small but mighty hospice. Don’t hesitate to call them when choosing a hospice.”

    – Charmaine T.

  17. Ivory Hospice treated my father in a most compassionate, caring, and tender manner. Everyone kept me abreast of everything being done and were completely professional. I was impressed also that they were so respectful and treated us tenderly due to the circumstances. They literally held our hand every step of the way.


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