About Us

When you choose hospice, it does not mean you have given up! In fact, hospice is a way of honoring your loved one and making their remaining days as meaningful as possible.

Ivory Hospice & Palliative Care focuses on efficiently delivering care that reduces the pain and discomfort brought by illness and/or disability.

In addition to the established hospice care programs our agency offers, we still continue looking for more creative or innovative solutions to increase the quality of life of our clients. We firmly believe that when we provide our services professionally, we can make a positive impact in your loved one’s health and well-being even in the face of terminal illness.

Our Hospice Care Goals

  • To enhance the quality of life of our clients
  • To bring comfort, care and companionship
  • To expertly managed chronic pain and other symptoms associated with the terminal illness
  • To implement an interdisciplinary team approach so that all of the client’s needs are addressed
  • To support family members who are also going through emotional distress
  • To extend bereavement support when a loved one passes away